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May 27, 2014 

In book eight of Katieran Prime: Commander TylOR of the Kiljorn nation has a mission to guard the wormhole from enemies of old and new enemies within. He shares this mission with the half-brother who he only recently met. The two brothers don’t get along. To make matters worse, the one female who has plagued him since he first met her is going to be traveling with him. His brother tortures him with constantly flirting with the female. TylOR fights his inner battle to claim the female. If he doesn’t soon encounter an enemy he can kill, he might have to take out his brother while waiting.

Dr. Elizabeth "Lizzie" Connell has a PhD in linguistics, a doctorate in social cultures, and a doctorate in foreign languages. She has traveled all over Earth learning new cultures and experiencing the thrill of living on the edge. When she travels to Katiera she thinks it will be the pentacle of her academic career. Lizzie gets a lot more education than she had anticipated. First, she is almost captured by the Katieran's long time enemy the Morins, only to be sort of rescued by the most egotistical, yet attractive man she has ever met. One she finds she has a hard time ignoring. Lizzie survives one battle from the Morins, only to find herself fighting an internal battle of wills that she fears has an inevitable outcome.

TylOR and Lizzie have fought their attraction for one another from the very beginning. They have tried to ignore each other but circumstances change forcing them to be in close proximity of one another. They must face their feelings for one another while handling the dangers they are thrown in.

Will they survive long enough to see their relationship through? Will the enemy end them before they can start? Come follow the journey as both TylOR and Lizzie discover there are some things you just can’t fight and some worth fighting for.

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Inter-Galactic Bounty Hunters by KD Jones

Warning: For Mature Adult Audiences. Contains language and actions some may deem offensive. Sexually explicit content. MF

In book one of the Inter-Galactic Bounty Hunters: Jagger Desantos, bounty hunter, takes on what he believes to be an easy case. A beautiful woman who has skipped bail. It should be a piece of cake. Get in, get the fugitive, bring them back, get paid. Simple right? Except this case turns out to be anything but simple when the girl turns him inside out and upside down.

Daniela Martin works at a five star restaurant as a sous chef. It is the pinnacle of her career so far. Her real dream is to open her own restaurant with every day that passes the dream is closer to becoming a reality. Life quickly changes for her when she is accused of a crime she didn’t commit, causing her to run for her life.

As danger surrounds them and their lives are threatened, they will have to find a way to trust one another. But can Jagger overcome the rules he has lived by in his bounty-hunting career and carry out his job, which requires him to turn Daniela over to the authority? Will Daniela be able to trust Jagger with not only her life, but with her heart?

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Book 7.5

Katieran Prime Series

Warning: For Mature Adult Audiences. Contains language and actions some may deem offensive. Sexually explicit content. MF
In book 7.5 of the Katieran Prime Series: It has been over a month since one of the Morin transport ships went through the wormhole. Without the exact coordinates, it will take the Morins possibly months to locate Earth. Earth is not ready to face this kind of threat, so the leaders of the four nations of Earth, Katiera, Kiljor, and the Colonial Planet begin to make their plans in a joint effort to eliminate the threat once and for all.
Along with the plans to handle the Morin threat, a celebration is being planned that will hopefully unit all four nations even more—the End of Year Celebration. Though the celebration is not what the Katieran males are used to, they would do anything to please their bond mates.
Revisit Katiera and all the characters you have come to know and love. See where they are now and what is happening in their lives. Join in with their celebration. Find out what is next for the alliance of nations.
Also as a special treat, the Katieran Culture Guide Book is included.

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Book 6

Galactic Cage Fighter Series

Warning: For Mature Adult Audiences. Contains language and actions some may deem offensive. Sexually explicit content. MF

In book six of the Galactic Cage Fighters: Zen the Sin is the hottest male in the Galaxy according to the Galactic Times and every woman who attends a GCFA fight. Being charming comes naturally to Zen, giving him the ability to play the part of the Galactic Cage fighter playboy—well. He poses with fans, signs autographs, and is a pro at doing commercials. No one sells sex better than Zen the Sin. So when the Galactic Times sends a female to do a two week long expose; it should have been just another day in the life of Zen the Sin. Problem is, she doesn’t seem to fall for his usual playboy routine nor does she seem swayed by his good looks.

Shawna Baker jumps at the opportunity by the magazine she works for and agrees to do an in-depth interview with the fighter known as Zen the Sin. She has been waiting for this day to come for years, a chance to travel on the Galactic Cage Fighters ship and get to learn about a man from her past. The only drawback is having to deal with a well-known womanizer but decides that if he gives her a hard time then she would dig up dirt on him, there should be plenty. What she doesn’t count on, is Zen isn’t all he seems to be—he has many layers, discovering the easy going man is much more complicated. Against her will she becomes instantly intrigued by him, leaving her craving to peel back each layer to find the real man underneath.

Not everyone is happy with Shawna’s presence on board the GCFA ship, including a mother who is furious with her for taking the job and does not want her to have anything to do with the halfsies, especially Zen. Things soon become complicated and dangerous when her presence provokes one of Zen’s fans—one who has begun to stalk him.

Will Shawna get past her preconceptions and her mother’s hatred of all halfsies? Will Zen open up, allowing someone to get close to him? Can they overcome the hate and fear before it tears them apart? Or will Zen’s easy nature be his downfall when the stalker turns deadly?




(book five of the Galactic Cage Fighters Series) 

Warning: For Mature Adult Audiences. Contains language and actions some may deem offensive. Sexually explicit content. MF

In book five of Galactic Cage Fighters: The Sledge Hammer is one tough, mean, and very huge fighter for the Galactic Cage Fighters Association. He doesn’t take crap from anyone and if a person makes the mistake of pissing him off, they pay for it—painfully. He prides himself on being able to handle any kind of situation that arises. He is unafraid of anyone or anything—well except for the kids.
A terrible tragedy leaves the halfsie fighter the sole guardian of his sister’s children. His life is about to be turned upside down and inside out. No longer responsible for just himself, he must find a way to balance working the hectic schedule as a top GCFA fighter—with being a single parent. He finds that it is not as easy as he thought. How much trouble can three young children be?
Molly Maynard is ready for a fresh start. The divorce she has been waiting two long years for is finally within her grasp. She wants a new life for herself, free of her lying, cheating ex-husband. When she ends up homeless, jobless, and with limited funds available to her and with few choices remaining, she agrees to take a job traveling with the Galactic Cage Fighters' Association as a nanny for one of their fighters.
Hammer expects the usual nanny the company sends for replacements—the stuffy, uptight, old, and half-senile. The nannies never last long around his kids. He doesn’t think the newest nanny will be any different. It’s a real shame because Nanny Molly was hot! He needed this nanny so he was imperative he keep his mind and—his hands—off the nanny and her curvaceous body.
Will Molly be able to ignore her growing attraction to the enormous fighter? Will Hammer be able to keep his relationship with Molly strictly business? And will either of them survive the kids?

#1 Science Fiction Romance on Amazon


Book Seven

Katieran Prime Series

by KD Jones

Warning: For Mature Adult Audiences. Contains wording and actions some may deem offensive. Sexually explicit content. MF

Leader LarIS needs to find help for his people. Though they have females, they have not been successful with their breeding. The women have more miscarriages than full term births. His medics are stumped. After many covert missions to collect Intel, he discovers that Katiera and Kiljor are forming an alliance. With this alliance they are offering aid to one another in seeking to solve the breeding issues.

When he agrees to meet with them, he learns the other two nations located females from many galaxies away who are breeding compatible. When he travels to Kiljor, he finds more than the potential for an alliance. He meets a female that connects to him on every level and has him tearing through the Galaxy to keep her at his side.

Lola Marquesa has been deaf her whole life. She has learned to live life on her own that way and in turn, becomes a teacher for children with disabilities. She has read the aliens called Katierans, have technology that could easily translate languages. She is intrigued and wants to see if this technology could help children with disabilities. She decides to travel to the alien world and study their technology. Their translator they implanted her with actually translated to her brain which was incredible. The technology could change the life of so many hearing impaired. And what could they offer those who were blind.

During an unexpected attack by the enemy nation called the Morins, Lola is taken as a prisoner and suffers torture and abuse. She had given up hope. Then by a miracle she is rescued by a man with strange eyes and the ability to speak mind-to-mind with her. Can she overcome the things she has suffered and allow a man to get close to her?


This book also includes a copy of the Katieran Culture Guide Book as a thank you to all the readers who have been so supportive of this series.  

Thank you everyone!

KD Jones


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KD Jones is a pseudonym for Kizzie Jones.  I am an upcoming author for JK Publishing.  I have been a huge fan of both romance and science fiction novels. My all time favorite movie is Star Wars and my favorite television shows growing up were Star Trek and Doctor Who.  Writing has always been my dream since I was a little girl. I would get caught up in my made up fantasies for hours. Even though I have been making up and writing stories most of my life, I did not have the courage to try to publish anything until 2012. With great friends and a loving family, I finally decided to follow my dreams. I hope that I can one day inspire others to follow their dreams as well. 

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